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<br />SURPRISE POLICE DEPARTMENT <br /> <br /> <br />CRITICAL INCIDENT STRESS MANAGEMENT PROGRAM OPS-18 <br /> <br />DATE DATE REVISE CALEA STANDARDS PAGE <br />ISSUED EFFECTIVE DATE MET <br />1 of 6 <br />03-19-12 N/A YES <br />03-05-12 <br /> <br /> <br />I. PURPOSE <br /> <br />The purpose of this policy is to establish and provides guidelines and procedures <br />for the Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) Program. <br /> <br />II. POLICY <br /> <br />The Department recognizes that members are subjected to high levels of stress, <br />particularly in the performance of their duties. The CISM program has been <br />developed to lessen the effects of stress on both the member and his/her family <br />after a critical incident has occurred. Its purpose is to provide a controlled setting <br />in which a person can both vent and discuss the feelings that occur as a result of <br />a critical incident. <br /> <br />III. DEFINITIONS <br /> <br />Crisis Response Services Consultation, risk assessment, referral and <br />onsite crisis intervention services provided by a <br />critical incident stress management team to a <br />designated person. <br />Critical Incident An event producing emotional or psychological <br />distress sufficient to overwhelm an individual's <br />psychological defense mechanisms. Typically, <br />these incidents are sudden, powerful events <br />which are outside the range of ordinary <br />experiences. Because they are so sudden and <br />unusual, they can have strong, psychological <br />effects, even on well trained, experienced <br />members. The term “critical incident,” as used <br />in this Policy, is not to be confused with the <br />term specified in Policy OPS-12 Critical <br />Incidents / SAU / CNT Procedures. <br />Critical Incident Stress An individual who has completed training <br />through a recognized organization that delivers <br />Management <br />critical incident stress management training and <br />Team Member <br />is part of a law enforcement, probation, <br />firefighter or emergency medical provider crisis <br />response team. <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />