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<br />SURPRISE POLICE DEPARTMENT <br />OFFICE OF THE CHIEF OF POLICEADM-07 <br />DATE LAST REVISED NEW REVISED CALEA STANDARDS PAGE <br />EFFECTIVEDATEDATEMET <br />1of 4 <br />02-02-1503-24-16YES <br />10-24-02 <br />I.PURPOSE <br />The purpose of this policyis to establishguidelinesregarding the functions, <br />duties and responsibilities of the Office of the Chief of Police of the Surprise <br />Police Department.(12.1.1) <br />II.POLICY <br />The policy of the Surprise Police Department is that the Office of the Chief of <br />Police functions effectively and professionally in accordance with Federal law, <br />State law and City ordinance. Service to the public and accomplishment of the <br />Department's mission arethe primary goalsof this organizationalcomponent. <br />(12.1.1) <br />III.FUNCTIONS <br />A.The functions of the Office of the Chief of Police (also known as the Chief <br />Executive Officer) include, but are not limited to:(12.1.1) <br />1.Preservation of the peace, order, and safety of the City. <br />2.Protecting therights of persons and property. <br />3.Conduct and management of all criminal investigations initiated by <br />the City. <br />B.The Chief of Police has the power to promulgate all necessary and <br />desirable rules, regulations, and orders for the efficient administration of <br />the Department. <br />IV.ORGANIZATION <br />A.The Office of the Chief of Police is organized in accordance with City <br />ordinance and comprises several components, all of which impact on and <br />interact with the mission of the Department(see ADM-21 Organization/ <br />Command Structure). <br />B.The components of the Office of the Chief of Police and their primary <br />functions are: <br /> <br />