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<br />SURPRISE POLICE DEPARTMENT <br /> <br />ROC-02 <br />RULES OF CONDUCT – DEFINITIONS <br />Add. 2 <br /> <br />DATE DATE REVISE CALEA STANDARDS PAGE <br />ISSUED EFFECTIVE DATE MET <br />1 of 3 <br />09-27-02 04-20-09 YES <br />09-27-02 <br /> <br /> <br />I. PURPOSE <br /> <br />The purpose of this Addendum is to outline the definition of terms used in <br />relation to Department Rules and Regulations. <br /> <br />II. DEFINITIONS <br /> <br />The following terms and definitions are applicable to the rules and regulations of <br />the Surprise Police Department. <br /> <br /> A. Department - The Surprise Police Department. <br /> B. Directive - A document used to guide or affect the performance or conduct <br />of Department members. The term includes policies, procedures, rules <br />and regulations, general orders, special orders, personnel orders, notices, <br />memorandums, bulletins, manuals, and instructional material. <br /> C. Employee - Any sworn or non-sworn person including temporary or part- <br />time who are receiving salary and/or benefits from the City. <br /> D. General Order - A written Department directive, which establishes or <br />revises Department organization, policy or procedures. <br /> E. Manual - A collection of policies, procedures, rules and regulations and/or <br />other written directives. <br /> F. Member - Personnel, sworn or non-sworn, subject to the rules and <br />regulations of the Department, including interns, reserves, auxiliaries, <br />independent contractors, volunteers and other persons assigned to the <br />Department. <br /> G. Personnel - Any member of the Surprise Police Department, including <br />sworn police officers and non-sworn employees and includes persons on <br />suspension, on disability pension roles or on authorized leaves of <br />absence, interns, reserves, auxiliaries, independent contractors, and other <br />persons assigned to the Department. <br /> H. Policy - A written directive that is a broad statement of Department <br />principles from which a framework of procedures and rules and <br />regulations are developed. <br /> I. Procedure - A written directive that is an outline of instructions for carrying <br />out Department activities. Procedures may, depending upon context, <br />allow some latitude or discretion in carrying out an activity. <br /> J. Rules and Regulations - A specific set of standards to which all members <br />must adhere. <br /> K. Subordinate - Any member who, under any circumstance is, subject to the <br />authority of a superior officer or supervisor. <br />L. Superior Officer - A sworn officer who is of a higher rank or who is <br />assigned and/or functions as a supervisor, trainer or part of the <br /> <br />