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<br />SURPRISE POLICE DEPARTMENT <br /> <br />MOBILE DATA COMPUTER SYSTEMS (MDC) OPS-31 <br />EFFECTIVE LAST REVISED NEW REVISED CALEA PAGE <br />DATE DATE DATE STANDARDS MET <br />1 of 9 <br />09-24-07 03-29-18 YES <br />02-10-05 <br /> <br /> <br />I. PURPOSE <br /> <br />The purpose of this directive is to establish guidelines and procedures for <br />electronic call dispatching, data communications between field officers, and for <br />minimizing radio traffic via the use of Mobile Data Computers (MDC). <br /> <br />II. POLICY <br /> <br />It is the policy of the Surprise Police Department to provide, maintain, and <br />operate MDCs for the purpose of reporting, transmitting or receiving radio <br />calls/messages to and from the Communications Unit, providing operational <br />status, assignments, assignment disposition, inquiries, information, and a <br />communications link between officers and the Department. <br /> <br />III. DEFINITIONS <br /> <br />Term Definition <br />Arizona Crime The Arizona counterpart of NCIC, available for entries <br />and inquiries through the ACJIS network. Most ACIC <br />Information Center <br />and NCIC files are totally independent. <br />(ACIC) <br />Arizona Criminal A computerized network maintained by the Arizona <br />Department of Public Safety (DPS) that is available to <br />Justice Information <br />authorized local, state, and federal criminal justice <br />System (ACJIS) <br />agencies. The ACJIS network is connected to two <br />important national computer networks, the National <br />Law Enforcement Telecommunications System <br />(NLETS) and the NCIC. ACJIS is available 24 hours <br />per day, seven days per week. <br />Control Terminal A single state agency, under a shared management <br />concept with the FBI, that assumes responsibility as <br />Agency (CTA) <br />the control terminal (or main receiving point) for the <br />state, through and by which users in the state access <br />NCIC information. The CTA for the State of Arizona is <br />the Department of Public Safety (DPS). <br />Federal Bureau of An investigative bureau of the Federal Government that <br />among other things regulates the uses of crime <br />Investigation (FBI) <br />computers by state and city agencies. <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />