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<br />SURPRISE POLICE DEPARTMENT <br />FIELD TRAINING PROGRAMOPS-23 <br />DATE LAST REVISED NEW REVISED CALEA PAGE <br />EFFECTIVEDATE DATESTANDARDS MET <br />1of 11 <br />11-10-0804-12-16YES <br />10-01-04 <br />I.PURPOSE <br />The purpose of the Surprise Police Department Field Training Officer (FTO) <br />program is to prepare officers to perform the essential duties of a police officer. <br />This includes Officers in Training (OIT), lateral officers, and officers participating <br />in a reorientation program. <br />II.POLICY <br />The policy of the Surprise Police Department, in keeping with community <br />expectations for professional police service, is to provide the FTOprogram to <br />new OITs. The Department requires all sworn officers to successfully complete <br />the FTO Program prior to assignment in any solo or unsupervised capacity in <br />which the officer may carry a weapon or make an arrest. <br />III.OBJECTIVES <br />A.To provide standardized entry-level training for anOIT. <br />B.To provide remedial training inthose areas where deficiencies are <br />identified. <br />C.To establish a rating system that is valid and job-related, utilizing a <br />standardized and systematic approach to the documented measurement <br />of OIT performance. <br />D.To provide recommendations to the Chief regardingthe performance and <br />status of an OIT. <br />E.To provide training to officers coming back into theField Operations <br />Divisionfrom other divisions. <br />IV.FIELD TRAINING PROGRAM CHAIN OF COMMAND <br />A.Chief of Police <br />B.Assistant Chief <br />C.Professional Development DivisionCommander <br />D.FTO Coordinator <br />E.PatrolSergeant <br />F.Field Training Officer (FTO) <br />G.Officersin Training(OIT) <br /> <br />