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<br />SURPRISE POLICE DEPARTMENT <br />ANIMAL CONTROL PROCEDURESOPS-03 <br />DATE LAST REVISED NEW REVISEDCALEA PAGE <br />EFFECTIVEDATE DATESTANDARDS MET <br />1of 21 <br />11-06-0906-18-15YES <br />10-29-03 <br />Note: This revision replaces OPS-03 and Addendums 1 and 2 <br />I.PURPOSE <br />The purpose of this policy is to establish procedures and guidelines for animal <br />control services by the Department’s Animal Control Officers(ACOs). <br />II.POLICY <br />The policy of the Surprise Police Department is to provide the citizens of <br />Surprise with courteous, professional and effective animal control services by <br />enforcing applicable City ordinances and State statutes. <br />III.DEFINITIONS <br />TermDefinition <br />ConcentrationExpressed in milligrams per milliliter (mg/ml), it is the <br />amount of milligrams present in each milliliter or a <br />given drug. This is found on the label of the drug. <br />Dose VolumeThe amount of drug (in milliliters) given to animals to <br />affect a successful chemical capture. <br />Pneu-dartType C dart with a gel collar. <br />Power LoadA 22-caliber charge used to discharge the Pneu-dart <br />from the rifle and toward the target. <br />Recommended DosageThe amount of milligrams per pound (mg/lb) <br />required for a specific species. This component will <br />be pre-calculated in a provided chart. <br />TelazolA pre-mixed drug combination that contains equal <br />parts of Tiletamine, a dissociate anesthetic, and <br />Zolazapam, a tranquilizer. <br />WeightThe weight of the animal in pounds (lbs.). <br />IV.PROCEDURE <br />A.The Department's ACOswill patrol the streets and right-of-ways within the <br />City of Surprise in a radio-equipped vehicle for the purpose of providing <br />animal control services. <br />B.ACOswill conduct themselves in a professional manner, and treat all <br />animals humanely at all times. They are responsible for a variety of code <br />enforcement and public service tasks related to the care, control and <br />licensing of animals in the City of Surprise. <br /> <br />