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<br />SURPRISE POLICE DEPARTMENT <br /> <br /> <br />ROTATIONAL WRECKER OPS- 02 <br /> <br />DATE PAGE <br />DATE ISSUED REVISE DATE CALEA STANDARDS <br />EFFECTIVE <br /> <br />1 of 5 <br />MET <br /> <br /> <br />N/A <br />08/14/02 <br />08/14/02 <br />YES <br /> <br /> <br />I. PURPOSE <br /> <br />The purpose of this policy is to establish guidelines for the use of Rotational Wreckers to <br />remove vehicles from the City of Surprise roadways. This Operations Order outlines the <br />responsibilities and duties of the Field Operations Division, Communications Unit and <br />Wreckers assigned to utilize the Rotational Wrecker program for the Surprise Police <br />Department. <br /> <br />II. FIELD OPERATIONS <br /> <br />A. Tows where the Rotational Wrecker companies are utilized and either the driver/owner <br />is not present or was arrested at the time of the tow will require that a tow sheet be <br />completed. A departmental report will be completed by the officer, and will contain the <br />following information: time, date, location, reason for removal or tow, any charges <br />pending, location of the vehicle, tow service requested, disposition of the vehicle, and <br />any notification of the registered owner. A copy of the tow sheet will be given to the tow <br />truck driver. The remaining portion will be attached to the departmental report and <br />forwarded to the records section. <br />B. When a vehicle is not drivable and/or otherwise constitutes a hazard on a public <br />roadway, officers will notify Communications that a tow truck is needed. (See ARS 28- <br />872). <br />C. The officer will notify Communications of how many vehicles need to be towed, and if <br />there are any special needs, i.e., flatbed truck, heavy duty truck, etc. <br />D. Officers will advise involved parties that they may call a tow company of their choice <br />and at their expense, so long as the wait does not exceed 30 minutes, and that the <br />vehicle does not constitute a hazard nor is it blocking traffic. <br />E. If the citizen’s requested wrecker estimates a lengthy delay, the officer will advise the <br />citizen that his/her requested wrecker will not be utilized, therefore another wrecker that <br />can arrive on scene in 30 minutes or less will be called. If the citizen requests that the <br />officer get him/her a wrecker, then a rotational wrecker will be used and the officer will <br />advise the citizen that they will be responsible for the charges. <br />F. Items of value such as wallets, purses, money, jewelry, firearms, and other valuables <br />found or left in the vehicle, shall be logged into property at the police station for <br />safekeeping if the items cannot immediately be returned to the owner. <br />G. ABANDONED VEHICLES - If a vehicle is abandoned on a roadway and constitutes a <br />hazard, communications personnel will assist an officer in trying to locate the owner to <br />have the vehicle moved. If there is no contact made with the registered owner, then the <br />vehicle will be towed. (See ARS 28-4834) <br />H. SPECIAL TOWS - Can be considered as large vehicles such as, Tractor- Trailer rigs, <br />Motor Homes, etc. Also, vehicles that are burned, or found in lakes, canals, pools, or <br />vehicles in desert areas, which require a 4-wheel wrecker, and special equipment. <br />I. STOLEN VEHICLE RECOVERIES - One of the rotational wrecker companies will tow <br />recovered stolen vehicles. A vehicle tow sheet and a departmental report will be <br />completed. (See ARS 28-872.C.1). Large vehicles (tractor-trailer rigs, motor homes, <br />Supervisor Approval. <br />etc.) will be towed only with <br /> <br />