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<br />SURPRISE POLICE DEPARTMENT <br />UNIFORMSAND EQUIPMENTEQP-01 <br />Effective Date Revision DateLast Review Date <br />Page 1of 11 <br />11-18-202111-18-202111-2021 <br />I.POLICY:(26.1.1) <br />A.The Surprise Police Department strives for professionalism in appearance as <br />well as performanceforall members. <br />B.Every member will take personal responsibility to maintain aprofessional <br />image, wearing only approved uniforms, clothing,and equipment. <br />C.Aneat, professional appearance enhances the Department’s image and <br />reflects favorably upon the entire City of Surprise. <br />D.Uniforms and equipment willbe maintained in a clean and serviceable <br />condition. <br />II.PROCEDURE: <br />A.Members will present a clean and neatly groomed appearance maintaining <br />proper personal hygiene appropriate for the workplace. <br />B.All on-duty members in uniform or business attirewill ensure clothing isclean <br />and free of holes and tears. <br />C.When in public view, uniformed employees will wear the full uniform and <br />equipment. No portion of the uniform or equipment identifying individuals as <br />a police employee will be worn separately. <br />D.Employees wearing the Class A, B and C uniforms will wear the appropriate <br />metal or cloth badge, metal or cloth nameplate, shoulder patches and rank <br />insignia. Nameplates will have the employees first initial, or first and middle <br />initials, and last name. <br />E.Class A, B and C uniform shirts and trousers will be the same color. <br />F.Sworn employees will carry their Department issued commission card while <br />on-duty. <br />G.All members are required to have their Cityof Surpriseidentification card <br />with them at all times while on duty. <br />H.Uniforms will be neatly pressed; leather shoes and boots polished; canvasor <br />nylon shoes and boots cleaned; vest carriers cleaned; and badges and metal <br />items shined. <br />I.All uniform clothing buttons will be buttoned, except the shirt collar button <br />when not wearing a tie. <br />J.All sworn employees will maintain a Class A uniform available for special <br />events. <br />K.Uniform and equipment items discontinued for use have the option of a one- <br />year wear out periodor may be worn until they are no longer serviceable, <br />whichever occurs first. <br /> <br />