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<br />SURPRISE POLICE DEPARTMENT <br /> <br />MISSING PERSONS/JUVENILES ADM-27 <br />EFFECTIVE LAST REVISED NEW REVISED CALEA PAGE <br />DATE DATE DATE STANDARDS MET <br />1 of 19 <br />10-01-04 12-22-06 06-24-20 YES <br />I.PURPOSE <br /> <br />The purpose of this policy is to establish procedures and minimum guidelines for the reporting <br />of missing juveniles and adults and the protocol necessary for the activation of the Arizona <br />Amber Alert. <br /> <br />II.POLICY <br /> <br />All reports of missing persons, adults and children, will be given full consideration and <br />attention by all members of the Surprise Police Department, to include careful recording and <br />investigation of factual circumstances surrounding the disappearance in accordance with this <br />policy. Particular care will be exercised in instances involving missing or unidentified children <br />including incidents involving runaway, abandonment, abduction, or other missing status, and <br />adults and children who may be mentally or physically impaired, insufficiently prepared to care <br />for themselves, or unidentified. <br /> <br />III. DEFINITIONS <br />TERM DEFINITION <br />1. At risk juveniles who: <br />At Risk Juveniles <br /> <br />(No time limit for <br />a. Have been told to leave the household. <br />reporting) <br />b. A child that has been away and the caretaker/parent <br />refuses to let them back. <br />c. A child that has run away and the parent/caretaker has <br />made no effort to recover the child. <br />d. A child that has been abandoned or deserted. <br />Any person who is physically or mentally challenged and who poses <br />At Risk Persons <br />a risk to themselves or others, e.g. mental disorders, suicidal, <br />(no time limit for <br />Alzheimer, or diabetics. <br />reporting) <br />1. A juvenile under the age of (18) eighteen years. <br />Missing Child <br />2. Parents do not know the location of the juvenile. <br />(no time limit for <br />reporting) <br />1. Missing under the circumstances that suggest they may be the <br />Missing Critical <br />subject of foul play. <br />(no time limit for <br />2. Twelve (12) years of age or younger, because they have not <br />reporting) <br />established independence from parental control and do not <br />have the survival skills necessary to protect themselves from <br />exploitation on the streets. <br />3. Suffers from diminished mental capacity or medical conditions <br />that are potentially life threatening if left untreated or <br />unattended. <br /> <br /> <br />