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<br />SURPRISE POLICE DEPARTMENT <br />PERFORMANCE EVALUATIONSADM-20 <br />DATE LAST REVISED NEW REVISEDCALEA PAGE <br />EFFECTIVEDATE DATESTANDARDS MET <br />1of 15 <br />08-20-1205-11-15YES <br />03-09-04 <br />I.PURPOSE <br />Performance evaluation is the measure of an employee's performance of <br />assigned job role/duties and goals/tasks. The Department, in order to achieve its <br />stated goals and objectives, must depend on employeesto perform at a <br />satisfactory level as described in their job description. <br />II.POLICY <br />Employees are responsible to provide service to and for the citizens of Surprise. <br />The policy of the Surprise Police Department is to evaluate employee <br />performancethrough the City’s performance management system–Goals and <br />Performance System (GPS). These evaluations will be conductedin a <br />professional, unbiased, and objective manner using measurable goals and <br />objectivestied to the City of Surprise Strategic Plan. <br />III.DEFINITIONS <br />Daily Observation Report (DOR)A daily report form used in the Field <br />Training Program to evaluateofficers in <br />training. <br />Field Training Officer(FTO)The person assigned to train Officers in <br />Trainingupon completion of a basic law <br />enforcement academy. <br />Goals and PerformanceSystem The performance management system <br />used by the City of Surprise. <br />(GPS) <br />Individual Performance Record The system used to make monthly notes <br />on employees’ performance through GPS. <br />(IPR) <br />Officer in Training (OIT)Recruit officers who have graduated from <br />the police academy and who are <br />participating in the Field Training Program. <br />Performance Improvement PlanA non-punitive system designed to assist <br />employees and provide them with the <br />(PIP) <br />appropriate assistance or training to <br />improve performance. <br /> <br />