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<br />SURPRISE POLICE DEPARTMENT <br />SPECIALTY ASSIGNMENTS AND ANCILLARY DUTIESADM-12 <br />Effective Date Revision DateLast Review Date <br />Page 1of 6 <br />08-14-200204-21-202204-2022 <br />I.PURPOSE: <br />The SurprisePolice Department encourages career development and personal <br />growth through opportunities in Specialty Assignments,Ancillary Duties, Temporary, <br />or Rotational positions. This policy establishes time in service requirements, <br />advertisement procedures, and commitment periodsfor the positions. <br />II.POLICY: <br />A.ThePoliceChiefis thefinalapprovingauthorityregardingalltransfers or to <br />opportunities in this policy. <br />B.The Police Chiefwill determine what Specialty Assignments, Ancillary <br />Duties, Temporary, or Rotational positionsare necessary to support <br />Department operations andwill change duties and responsibilitiesas <br />neededbased on the best interests of the Department. <br />C.A review of all specialty assignments and ancillary dutieswill be conducted <br />on an annual basis as assigned by the Police Chief or designee. <br />D.Selectionprocesses will be conducted in a manner that will identify the best <br />qualified candidatefor aposition. <br />III.DEFINITIONS: <br />TERMDEFINITION <br />Ancillary DutyAn additional dutyor responsibility that provides essential <br />support to the primary operations of the Department. Some <br />ancillary duties my be available for non-sworn personnel. <br />CommitmentThe duration required to remain in a specialty assignment or <br />Periodancillary duty before applying for a different position or <br />transfer. <br />SpecialtyAny full-time sworn position other than a traditional patrol <br />Assignmentassignment <br />Rotational A system in which aspecialty assignment or ancillary duty is <br />Assignmenttransferred to another employeeon a recurring basis. <br />Temporary An assignment or duty that is not permanent. <br />Assignment <br /> <br />