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<br />SURPRISE POLICE DEPARTMENT <br />PROMOTIONSADM-05 <br />Effective Date RevisionDateLast ReviewDate <br />Page 1of 7 <br />09-05-200212-13-202112-2021 <br />I.PURPOSE: <br />To establish a competitive promotional process for advancementin the Surprise <br />Police Department. The promotional process will allow an employeeto move from <br />one rank or position to another rank or position with a higher classification. The <br />higher classification may beaccompanied by an increase in responsibility and <br />compensation. <br />II.POLICY: <br />A.The Surprise Police Departmentconductscompetitive promotional processes <br />to fill supervisor and management positions in compliance with all federal, <br />state and local laws and in accordance with EPM 2.4 Recruiting, Selection, <br />and Hiring. <br />B.Testing isadministered cooperatively between the Cityof Surprise Human <br />Resources Department and the Surprise Police Department. <br />C.The process will be designed to identify the most qualified applicants who <br />meet the minimum job-related qualifications,and who possess the <br />knowledge, skills and abilities required for the position. (34.1.1) <br />D.All promotions are at the discretion of the Police Chiefandwill take place at a <br />time that best suits the needs of the City of Surprise and the Surprise Police <br />Department. <br />E.All elements of the testing process used to evaluate candidates for promotion <br />will be job-related and non-discriminatory. (34.1.3) <br />F.The Police Chiefhas the discretion to recruit internally or externally for <br />qualified applicants for any promotional positions. <br />G.The Police Chief, in consultation with the City of Surprise Human Resources <br />Department, will determine the selection process for any promotion, <br />regardless whether the position is available for lateral entry.(34.1.2.g) <br />H.The authority and responsibility for coordinating and administering the <br />Department’s role in the promotional process will lie with the Police Chiefor <br />designee. (34.1.1) <br /> <br />