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<br />SURPRISE POLICE DEPARTMENT <br /> <br />PUBLIC INFORMATION UNIT ADM-02 <br /> <br />DATE DATE REVISE CALEA STANDARDS PAGE <br />ISSUED EFFECTIVE DATE MET <br />1 of 4 <br />09-17-02 05-08-09 YES <br />09-17-02 <br /> <br /> <br />I. PURPOSE <br /> <br />The purpose of this directive is to establish guidelines and procedures to be <br />used when the media is involved in any function of the Surprise Police <br />Department. <br /> <br />II. POLICY <br /> <br />The policy of the Surprise Police Department is to inform the public and news <br />media of events that may affect the citizens in the City of Surprise. The <br />Department will notify the news media when substantive changes to this policy <br />are being made. <br /> <br />III. PROCEDURE <br /> <br />A. To ensure that the Public Information Officer (PIO) is prepared for <br />possible inquiries from media outlets, it is important that the PIO be <br />advised of certain incidents. The following list of incidents includes, but is <br />not limited to, those situations when the on-duty patrol supervisor should <br />notify the PIO as soon as practical: <br /> <br />1. Any incident where the media has shown interest or there is <br />likelihood that they will show interest. <br />2. Any police involved shooting involving an officer of the Surprise <br />Police Department or another agency within the City of Surprise. <br />3. Any fatal collision. <br />4. Any homicide or suspicious suicide. <br />5. A major civil disturbance or riot. <br />6. Any sniper situation. <br />7. A barricaded subject, hostage situation or a confirmed shooting. <br />8. Any mass arrest situation. <br />9. Any aircraft or train accidents. <br />10. Bomb related incidents where a device has been found. <br />11. Arrest or crime involving any police officer. <br />12. Any child abduction. <br /> <br />B. Public Information Officer responsibilities include, but are not limited to: <br /> <br />1. Prepare and distribute press releases, which promote programs or <br />events to the appropriate outlets. <br />2. Available to respond to news media inquiries. <br />3. Available to respond to scenes or assist the on-duty/on-call <br />Lieutenant or Supervisors with the release of information to the <br />news media. <br />4. Coordinate and authorize the release of information regarding <br />victims, witnesses, suspects, and the releases of confidential <br /> <br />