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<br />SURPRISE POLICE DEPARTMENT <br />UNIFORMS AND EQUIPMENT-CHAPLAINUNIFORMEQP-01.14 <br />Effective Date RevisionDateLast ReviewDate <br />Page 1of 2 <br />11-18-202111-18-202111-2021 <br />I.VOLUNTEER CHAPLAIN UNIFORM:(22.2.5, 45.3.3) <br />A.VolunteerChaplainsare issuedalong sleeve shirt, pants, belt, badge, two <br />(2) silver crosses, navy blue tie(clip on or Velcro),SPD shoulder patches <br />with the Chaplain rocker, and hash marks. <br />B.Uniform Clothing: <br />MALES <br />Shirt/sElbeco TexTrop2 Long Sleeve Shirt 100% Poly SKU #310N, <br />White <br />Pant/sElbeco TexTrop2 Poly 4-Pocket pants SKU #E314RN, <br />Midnight Navy <br />FEMALES <br />Shirt/sElbecoTexTrop2 Long Sleeve Shirt 100% Poly SKU <br />#9310LCN, White <br />(If a longer sleeved shirt is needed, a men’s shirt can be <br />purchased/worn) <br />Pant/sElbeco TexTrop2 Poly 4-Pocket pants SKU #E9314LC, <br />Midnight Navy <br />C.Shirts will be worn tucked in with a plain black belt. <br />D.Undershirts will be white. <br />E.Wear of insignias, pins, badge, and SPD shoulder patches: <br />1.Chaplain rocker to be worn on left and right sleevesabove and flush <br />with the shoulderpatch. <br />2.The silver crosses will be wornon each collar with the bottom of the <br />cross lined up with the tip of the collar. <br />3.The name plate will be worn on the upper edge of the right pocket flap <br />centered. <br />4.Chaplain metal SPDBadge worn on the left chestusing the holes <br />centered above the left breast pocket. <br />5.Name Plate: Silver in color, 3/8” wide, with the Chaplain’s first initial, <br />or first and middle initials, and last namein all capital black lettering. <br />6.The name plate is worn on the right breast pocket of the uniform shirt <br />centered laterally with the topedge of the name plate aligned with the <br />top edge of the pocket flap seam. <br /> <br />