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<br />SURPRISE POLICE DEPARTMENT <br />UNIFORMS AND EQUIPMENT <br />EQP-01.12 <br />CIVILIAN EMPLOYEE UNIFORMS <br />Effective Date RevisionDateLast ReviewDate <br />Page 1of 3 <br />11-18-202111-18-202111-2021 <br />I.UNIFORMSFORCIVILIAN EMPLOYEES WITH A UNIFORM ALLOWANCE: <br />A.Shirts will be tucked in with a solidblack belt, leather or web construction <br />with a buckle, clip, or Velcro closure. <br />B.All embroidery on the polo shirts will be in very light silver non-reflective <br />thread. <br />E.Community Service Officer charcoal shirt embroidery example: <br />STITCH <br />RIGHT SIDELEFT SIDE <br />HEIGHT <br />1/2 InchT. LONG <br />1/2 InchSurprise Police Department <br />1/2 InchCommunity Service Officer <br />F.Property and Evidence Unitcharcoal shirt embroidery example: <br />STITCH <br />RIGHT SIDELEFT SIDE <br />HEIGHT <br />1/2 InchH. LEROUX <br />1/2 InchProperty and Evidence Unit <br /> <br />