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<br />SURPRISE POLICE DEPARTMENT <br />UNIFORMSAND WEQUIPMENT <br />EQP-01.09 <br />SPECIAL ASSIGNMENT UNIT(SAU) <br />Effective Date RevisionDateLast ReviewDate <br />Page 1of 2 <br />11-18-202111-18-202111-2021 <br />I.AUTHORIZED SAUUNIFORMITEMS(22.2.5,41.3.4, 46.2.3) <br />A.Active members of the Crisis Negotiation Team (CNT) may wear the <br />following when on-duty or when attendingtraining. <br />1.Black polo-style long or short sleevedshirtwith the Crisis Negotiator <br />“equestrian” logo/emblem on the upper left chest area in black and <br />olive drab embroideryand the officer’s first initial, or first and middle <br />initials, and last namewith “Surprise Police Department” centered <br />underneathon the right side of the chest in all capital 1/2inch <br />lettering, embroidered in olive drab thread. <br />2.Approved cargo pantsin black. <br />B.The following uniform items are authorized for wear when on anofficial <br />assignment as a Special Weapons and Tactics Team (SWAT) member: <br />1.SWAT commander or designee approved long sleeve black shirt and <br />cargo pant. <br />2.The SPDuniform patches in a subdued-olive drab and black color <br />scheme. <br />3.Class C uniform shoes. <br />C.Required Equipment -Configured and worn asdirected by the SWAT <br />commanderor designee: <br />1.Gun/Duty Belt -Approved black nylon web material with a low/tactical <br />holster. <br />2.SWAT Ballistic Vest-IIIA or higher (issued by the department). <br />3.Issued level IIIA ballistic helmet. <br />4.Radio-integrated, amplifiedhearing protection. <br />5.Eye glasses or goggles. <br />6.Knee pads. <br />7.Individual first aid kit worn on the vest. <br />D.Optional Personal Protection Accessories: <br />1.Balaclava. <br />2.Elbow Pads. <br /> <br />