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<br />SURPRISE POLICE DEPARTMENT <br />UNIFORMS AND EQUIPMENT <br />EQP-01.03 <br />CLASS A AND FORMAL DRESS UNIFORMS <br />Effective Date RevisionDateLast ReviewDate <br />Page 1of 4 <br />11-18-202111-18-202111-2021 <br />I.CLASS A UNIFORM(22.2.5) (41.3.4) <br />A.The Class A uniform is approved for wear by all sworn members, in lieu of <br />wearing a business suit, when attending formal occasions (funerals, <br />conferences, banquets, award ceremonies, etc.) <br />B.All sworn employees are required to maintain a Class A uniformwith “P” <br />buttons. <br />D.When wearing “P” buttons, they will be silver, worn on each breast pocket, <br />epaulets, and cuffs replacing the manufactured shirt pocket buttons. <br />E.See EQP-01.2 for authorized ribbons and pins. <br />F.Exterior vest carriers are not authorized for wear with the Class A or Formal <br />Dress uniforms, vests willbe worn under the uniform shirt. <br />G.The metal name plate, metal police badge, and SPD shoulder patcheswill be <br />worn on the shirt. <br />H.Time-in-service hash marks may be affixedto the shirt. <br />I.Sergeants will wear sewn on chevrons, lieutenants and above will have collar <br />insignia of rank. <br />J.FTO chevrons will not be worn on the Class A shirt or Formal Dress jacket. <br />K.Class A Uniform Accessories/Equipment: <br />1The navy blue clip-on tie or Velcro-closed tie will be worn with either <br />the Department-issued tie clip or the optional purchased tie clip <br />engraved with “Surprise Police.” <br />2Two (2) silver,gold,orblackpens in the left pocket pen slot. <br />3Only the smooth leather-like plain black duty belt with matching <br />accessoriesis authorized for wear with the Class A uniform. <br />L.Class A Uniform Clothing: <br />MALES <br />Shirt/sElbeco TexTrop2 Long Sleeve Shirt 100% Poly SKU #314N, <br />Midnight Navy, or <br />Elbeco TexTrop2 Zippered Long Sleeve Shirt 100% Poly SKU <br />#Z314N, Midnight Navy <br />Pant/sElbeco TexTrop2 Poly 4-Pocket pants SKU #E314RN, <br />Midnight Navy <br /> <br />