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Welcome to Surprise Police Department policies online.

This feature of the website allows public access to general policies that guide the members of the Surprise Police Department.

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     ADM-01 School Resource Officer Program ‎(SRO)‎
     ADM-02 Public Information Unit
     ADM-03 Court Appearances
     ADM-03, Add.1 Court Compensation
     ADM-04 Commendations and Awards
     ADM-05 Promotions
     ADM-06 Professional Standards Unit
     ADM-07 Chief of Police
     ADM-09 Crime Prevention-Community Relations
     ADM-10 Criminal Investigations Division
     ADM-11-Unplanned Absences and Monitoring
     ADM-12 Specialized Assignments and Ancillary Functions
     ADM-13 Volunteer Chaplain Program
     ADM-14 Information Systems-Computer Procedures
     ADM-15 Accreditation Process
     ADM-16 Notification Guidelines
     ADM-17 Planning and Research
     ADM-18 Allocation and Distribution of Personnel
     ADM-19 Police Service Dog ‎(K-9)‎ Unit
     ADM-20 Performance Evaluations
     ADM-21 Organization and Command Structure
     ADM-22 Written Directives
     ADM-23 Restricted Duty Assignments
     ADM-24 Recruitment and Selection
     ADM-25 Department Jurisdiction and Authority
     ADM-26 Fiscal Management
     ADM-27 Missing Persons-Juveniles
     ADM-28 Master Police Officer ‎(MPO)‎ Program
     ADM-29 We Care Program ‎(formerly RUOK)‎
     ADM-30 Mentor Program
     ADM-31 Records Management and Accountability
     ADM-32 Inspectional Services
     ADM-33 Crime Analysis Unit
     ADM-34 Wireless Devices
     ADM-35 Security for ACJIS Related Computer Sys RESTRICTED
     ADM-36 Extra-Off Duty-Secondary Employment
     ADM-37 Information Access Security RESTRICTED
     ADM-38 Computer Data Backup RESTRICTED
     ADM-39 Computer Systems Data Related Security RESTRICTED
     ADM-40 Community Referral Services
     ADM-41 Line of Duty Death-Serious Inujury
     ADM-42 to Inventory/Control of Department-Issued Property
     ADM-43 Community Relations-Crime Prevention
     ADM-44 Police Reserve Officer Program
     ADM-45 Auxiliary Program
     ADM-46 Private Property Authority to Trespass
     ADM-48 Community Policing
     ADM-49 Drug Take-Back Program
     ADM-50 Mission, Vision and Values
     ADM-52 Compensation
     ADM-53 Employee Grievance Procedures
     ADM-54 Military Leave and Reintegration
     ADM-55 Wellness and Resiliency

     EQP-01 Uniforms and Equipment
     EQP-01.01 Uniforms and Equipment Uniform Committee
     EQP-01.02 Uniforms and Equipment Ribbons and Pins
     EQP-01.03 Uniforms and Equipment Class A and Formal Dress Uniforms
     EQP-01.04 Uniforms and Equipment Class B Uniform
     EQP-01.05 Uniforms and Equipment Class C Uniform
     EQP-01.06 Uniforms and Equipment Motor Uniform
     EQP-01.07 Uniforms and Equipment Honor Guard Uniform
     EQP-01.08 Uniforms and Equipment K9 Uniform
     EQP-01.09 Uniforms and Equipment SAU Uniform
     EQP-01.10 Uniforms and Equipment Bike Uniform
     EQP-01.11 Uniforms and Equipment Animal Control and Park Ranger
     EQP-01.12 Uniforms and Equipment Civilian Uniform-Allowance
     EQP-01.13 Uniforms and Equipment Citizens Patrol Uniform
     EQP-01.14 Uniforms and Equipment Chaplain Uniform
     EQP-01.15 Uniforms and Equipment Personal Appearance & Grooming
     EQP-01.16 Uniforms and Equipment Business Dress & Alternate Uniform
     EQP-01.17 Uniforms and Equipment Training Attire
     EQP-02 Department Vehicles

     OPS-01 Property and Evidence Section
     OPS-02 Rotational Wrecker
     OPS-03 Animal Control Procedures
     OPS-04 Victims' Rights and Assistance
     OPS-05 Juvenile Procedures
     OPS-06 Prisoner Transport
     OPS-07 Agency Jurisdiction and Mutual Aid
     OPS-08 Strikes, Pickets and Protests
     OPS-08 Strikes, Pickets and Protests Manual of Conduct
     OPS-09 In-Car Mobile Digital Video Recorder
     OPS-10 Communications Procedures RESTRICTED
     OPS-11 Special Events Procedures RESTRICTED
     OPS-12 Critical Incidents-SAU-CNT Procedures RESTRICTED
     OPS-12, Add. 1 High-Energy Breaching Program RESTRICTED
     OPS-13 Incident Command Systems Procedures RESTRICTED
     OPS-14 Patrol Administration RESTRICTED
     OPS-14, Add. 1 Immigration Enforcement
     OPS-15 Dangerous Mitigation Procedures
     OPS-16 Traffic Enforcement Operations
     OPS-16, Add. 6 Traffic Pre-emptive Device
     OPS-17 Emergency Response Procedures RESTRICTED
     OPS-17, Add. 1 ERP Responsibilities RESTRICTED
     OPS-17, Add. 2 ERP Immediate Action Team RESTRICTED
     OPS-17, Add. 3 ERP After Action Report
     OPS-18 Critical Incident Stress Management Program
     OPS-19 Special Operations Procedures RESTRICTED
     OPS-20 Robbery Procedures RESTRICTED
     OPS-21 Bias Crimes
     OPS-22 Legal Process and Civil Matters
     OPS-23 Field Training Program
     OPS-24 Mentally Ill Persons
     OPS-25 Critical Incident Response
     OPS-26 Arrest Procedures
     OPS-27 Live Scan Touch Print Fingerprint System
     OPS-27 Live Scan Touch Procedure Manual
     OPS-28 Domestic Violence
     OPS-29 Sex Offender Notification
     OPS-30 Search and Seizure
     OPS-31 Mobile Data Computer Systems ‎(MDC)‎
     OPS-32 Special Purpose Vehicles
     OPS-33 Personal Protective Equipment
     OPS-34 Computer Voice Stress Analyzer
     OPS-35 Vice, Drugs and Organized Crime RESTRICTED
     OPS-36 Confidential Funds-Informants RESTRICTED
     OPS-37 Citizen Observer Program
     OPS-38 Driving Under the Influence ‎(DUI)‎
     OPS-39 Unusual Occurences RESTRICTED
     OPS-40 Crime Scene Processing
     OPS-41 Criminal Intelligence RESTRICTED
     OPS-42 Evidence and Property Management
     OPS-43 Vehicle Immobilization, Impoundment and Storage
     OPS-44 Park Ranger Program
     OPS-45 Graffiti Procedures
     OPS-46 Alert Notification Systems
     OPS-47 Medical Marijuana Criminal Enforcement
     OPS-48 Temporary Detention Facility RESTRICTED
     OPS-50 Portable Video Management Sys
     OPS-51 False Alarms RESTRICTED
     OPS-52 Traffic Collision Investigations
     OPS-53 Emergency and Pursuit Vehicle Operations RESTRICTED
     OPS-54 Event Deconfliction RESTRICTED
     OPS-55 TruNarc Analyzer
     OPS-56 Naloxone Administration Program
     OPS-57 Unmanned Aerial System ‎(UAS)‎ Program
     OPS-58 Bicycle Patrol Unit
     OPS-59 Video and Camera Technology Use

     ROC-01 Code of Ethics
     ROC-02 Rules of Conduct
     ROC-02, Add. 1 Rules of Conduct-Rules and Regulations
     ROC-02, Add. 2 Rules of Conduct-Definitions
     ROC-03 Administrative Investigation Procedures
     ROC-03, Add. 4 Personnel Early Intervention System
     ROC-03, Add. 5 Reporting Requirements
     ROC-04 Anti-Discrimination and Relationships in the Workplace
     ROC-05 Prohibition Against Discriminatory Practices
     ROC-06 Collision Review Board
     ROC-07 Disciplinary Advisory Board
     ROC-08 Pursuit Review Board
     ROC-09 Social Media
     ROC-10 Employee Loyalty Oath

     TRN-01 Training Unit
     TRN-01, Add. 2 Lesson Plans
     TRN-01, Add. 3 Roll Call Training
     TRN-02 Training Committee

     UOF-01 Use of Force
     UOF-03 Authorized Department Weapons
     UOF-03, Add. 1 Weapons-Firearms Policy Statements
     UOF-03, Add. 2 Weapons-Firearms Training
     UOF-03, Add. 4 Weapons-Firearms Care and Maintenance
     UOF-03, Add. 7 Weapons-Indoor Firearms Range
     UOF-04 Use of Force Training
     UOF-05 Use of Restraining Devices