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<br />SURPRISE POLICE DEPARTMENT <br /> <br /> <br />DANGEROUS MITIGATION PROCEDURES OPS-15 <br /> <br />DATE DATE REVISE CALEA STANDARDS PAGE <br />ISSUED EFFECTIVE DATE MET <br />1 of 3 <br />06-26-06 03-12-10 YES <br />06-12-06 <br /> <br /> <br />I. PURPOSE <br />When a residence or business presents an unattractive nuisance that involves <br />criminal activity, the Surprise Police Department will take steps to address the <br />safety issue. <br />II. POLICY <br /> <br />The policy of the Surprise Police Department is to cover the appropriate steps to <br />be taken by the on-scene Department personnel when a building, incident, <br />situation or premise presents a safety issue to the public. <br />III. DEFINITIONS <br /> A. Unattractive Nuisance/Community Blight <br /> 1. Swimming pools <br /> 2. Abandoned and burned out buildings <br /> 3. Abandoned refrigerators <br /> 4. Electrical generating sub-stations <br /> 5. Sink holes <br /> 6. Abandoned mines <br /> 7. Hazardous material on private property or in the right of way <br /> 8. Exposures to blood borne pathogens or any other unsafe <br />condition(s). <br /> <br />IV. PROCEDURE <br /> A. When an officer observes, or is notified of an unattractive <br />nuisance/community blight situation, the officer will attempt to remedy the <br />nuisance and notify their immediate on-duty Supervisor. <br /> B. If the officer cannot immediately remedy the nuisance, the Supervisor will <br />evaluate the situation and determine if the nuisance is related to criminal <br />activity. <br /> C. If criminal activity is involved, the Supervisor will then attempt to locate <br />and work with the property owner to resolve the situation. <br /> D. If the property owner or responsible party cannot be contacted or refuses <br />to remedy the nuisance and it is an immediate hazard or emergency, the <br />Supervisor will investigate the situation to include the possibility of formal <br />charges through the City of Surprise City Code violations and/or Arizona <br />Revised Statutes regarding the situation. If deemed appropriate, the <br /> <br />