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<br />SURPRISE POLICE DEPARTMENT <br />PROFESSIONAL APPEARANCE AND GROOMINGEQP-01.15 <br />Effective Date Revision DateLast Review Date <br />Page 1of 4 <br />11-18-202101-18-202211-2021 <br />ADM-47 Professional Appearance has been moved to this policy. <br />I.PROFESSIONALAPPEARANCE AND GROOMING: <br />A.Members are required to follow this policy when representing the department <br />in an official capacity to include, but not limited to: regular job duties, trainings, <br />court, meetings, outside events,etc. <br />B.Members are expected toobserve proper habits of personal grooming and <br />hygiene at all times. <br />C.Scented personal grooming products should be used with restraint as some <br />members are allergic to the chemicals in cologne, perfume, lotions, and/or <br />make-up. <br />D.Members will ensure hairstyles and jewelrydonot interfere with assigned <br />duties or use of personal protective equipment and respirators. <br />E.Members in need of an accommodation regarding grooming standards <br />should refer to the City of Surprise Employee Policy Manuel 3.1, Anti- <br />Discrimination/Accommodation. <br />II.GROOMING STANDARDS ALL MEMBERS: <br />A.Hair: <br />1.If colored or dyed, hair will be a natural color (no pink, green, blue, <br />etc.). <br />2.Wigs and hairpieces may be worn, but must look like natural hairin <br />color and texture. <br />3.Members will ensure that their hairstyledoes not interfere with assigned <br />duties. <br />B.Fingernails: <br />1.Hands will be clean, and fingernails will be clean and trimmed. <br />2.Fingernail length for on-duty uniformed officers and uniformed <br />professional employees will be no longer than 1/4inch beyond the <br />fleshy portion of the finger. <br />3.Female uniformed employees who wear nail polish will ensure the <br />color is a uniformshade without decals or ornamentation. <br /> <br />