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<br />SURPRISE POLICE DEPARTMENT <br />UNIFORMS AND EQUIPMENT-HONOR GUARD UNIFORMEQP-01.07 <br />Effective Date RevisionDateLast ReviewDate <br />Page 1of 1 <br />11-18-202111-18-202111-2021 <br />I.REGULATION UNIFORM FOR THE POLICE HONOR GUARD:(22.2.5) <br />A.Honor Guard uniforms and equipment are only worn during official Honor <br />Guard functions. <br />B.The following uniform items are issuedto Honor Guard members by the <br />Department with the exception of shoes. <br />1.Blazer-Flying Cross, navy blue, 4-pocket blazer with ½ inch silver <br />piping attached 4 inches up from bottom of both sleeves. Blazer <br />dressed with 4 large “P” buttons and 6 small “P” buttons. <br />2.Trouser -Flying Cross, navy blue matching trousers with silver ½ inch <br />stripes along the outside seam of both legs. <br />3.Shirt –Flying Cross or Elbeco, white long sleeve button shirt. <br />4.Tie –Black, straight tied in double Windsor (no clip on ties). <br />5.Headgear -Military style dress uniform cap, black, silver band, and <br />silver “P” buttons for all Honor Guard members. Lieutenants and <br />above will wear silver acorn leaf cluster affixed to the left and right <br />side of the hat brim. <br />6.Gun Belt -Safariland black in color, high gloss finish, 4 row stitch with <br />Sam Browne, 2-1/4” in width shoulder strap, square silver metal <br />buckle closure, worn with high gloss holster, magazine pouch and cuff <br />case. <br />7.Gloves -White cotton gloves (as directed). <br />8.Department patches worn on both blazer sleeves. <br />9.Breast Badge –Authorized Honor Guard Breast Badge will be worn <br />centered above the left breast pocket. <br />10.Pin –Authorized Honor Guard Pin shall be centered 1/8 inch above <br />the right breast pocket/name plate. <br />11.Name plate –sliver, bearing black 3/8 inch letters of first and middle <br />name initials and last name, centered on the “P” Button at the top <br />edge of the right breast pocket flap. <br />12.Shoulder cord –black with a thin blue middle line, worn on left <br />shoulder of blazer under the left epaulette. (The left arm goes through <br />the shoulder cord). <br />