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<br />SURPRISE POLICE DEPARTMENT <br />UNIFORMS AND EQUIPMENT-MOTOR OFFICER UNIFORMEQP-01.06 <br />Effective Date RevisionDateLast ReviewDate <br />Page 1of 1 <br />11-18-202111-18-202111-2021 <br />I.AUTHORIZED MOTOR OFFICER UNIFORM(22.2.5) (41.3.4) <br />A.Motor Officers are authorized to wear either the Class B or Class Cuniform <br />for daily operations. <br />B.When participating in formal functions,such asfunerals, memorials, parades, <br />etc., the following uniform will be worn: <br />1.The Class A uniform shirt and duty belt. <br />2.Authorized motor pin. <br />3.Royal blue ascot. <br />4.Shoulder cord –black with a thin blue middle line, worn on left <br />shoulder under the left epaulette. (The left arm goes through the <br />shoulder cord). <br />5.Black gloves. <br />6.511 Motorcycle Breeches style #74407, midnight blue, (750). <br />7.Motor style black leather boots from All American or similar <br />manufacturer. <br />8.The ballistic vestmust be worn under the uniform shirt. <br />